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The Medicinal Garden


Come and learn in this medieval-inspired medicinal garden, which was once the pharmacy of the Pilgrims ‘ Hospital. Through a free or guided tour Discover 130 species of plants with millennial virtues. Among all these species you will find medicinal

The Pilgrims ‘ Hospital


This unique medieval ensemble on the Paths of Santiago de Compostela invites you to discover an exceptional and authentic architecture. Under the vault, many graffiti have been carved and many sculptures adorn the portals, will you find the Glutton or

The Medieval Dungeon


Latitude: 45.578103 | Longitude:-0.546988 From the top of its 30 metres, Pons’s dungeon is undoubtedly the most imposing in the region. During your visit discover a medieval world and have the audacity to climb the 136 steps to enjoy a breathtaking

The Castle of Riddles | Tourist Office of Pons


The Castle of Riddles During 3h, with family or friends, we invite you to discover the castle of riddles through a game of track that plunges you, in the world of the famous pirate Jack Rackham. It allows to visit,